Cedar Pointe: The Sixth-Generation American Pencil

Made in: Jersey City, NJ

How much American history can you fit into a pencil? A hundred and twenty five years, if you find the right ones. Take General Pencil Company, founded by Oscar Weissenborn in New Jersey in 1889, and now operated by the sixth generation of his family.

World War 1 nearly put an end to the operation, due to restrictions on the importation of graphite from Germany, at that time the source of the world’s best pencil leads. However, Oscar saved the day by coming up with his own, better formula.

Cedar Pointes are now the choice of artists, writers, designers and engineers across the USA, and won’t break your budget.. They feature black erasers, write beautifully, and their smell will take you right back to your first day of school.

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Cedar Pointe General Pencil Review 2

Seriously: each Cedar Pointe is made of unpainted Califoria cedarwood, the smell of which will transport you back to childhood when you sharpen one.

Here’s how they’re made, courtesy of the History Channel, who visited General Pencil’s Jersey City factory back in 2008.