Leatherman Micra: Keyring-Sized Can-Do

Made in: Portland, OR

Leatherman’s multitools are the USA’s equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife. Who does it better? Many prefer Leatherman’s approach. While the Swiss Army Knife leads with the knife blade, Leatherman tends to take a more specialized feature – in this case, the scissors – and make it the main focus of the multitool.

Micra 2

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The Micra is first and foremost a small, sturdy pair of folding scissors, with a sharp knife blade as a secondary-add on. In many everyday situations, this is a more useful configuration. You also get two medium screwdrivers, a bottle opener, nail file, tweezers and a tiny screwdriver that’s perfect for fixing sunglasses, all in a package roughly the size and weight of a nine-volt battery.

Micra 3

The Micra pictured here is ten years old and still going strong. On quality, Leatherman doesn’t play around: all Leatherman tools come with a 25-year, no-questions-asked warranty.

Micra 4

The Micra is the smallest in Leatherman’s range of more than 40 multitools. If it’s too small for you, take a look at the Wingman, the new Rebar, or the mighty Super Tool.

Here’s a tour of Leatherman’s state-of-the-art factory in Portland, OR, where they make 1 million multitools a year.