Refreshingly Good Design: Liberty Bottleworks


Want to drink more water but annoyed that most of the refillable bottles out there look like gigantic sippy cups for adults? Go west, young man!

Specifically, to Yakima, WA – home of Liberty Bottleworks.

A bit like the classic Zippo lighter, Liberty’s aluminum bottle is a smart, simple, grownup product that doubles as a canvas for great design and artwork. Each bottle is made from high-strength aluminum in Liberty’s environmentally-friendly Yakima factory, then digitally printed with amazing artwork from up-and-coming American designers.

Liberty bottles are tough, feel great in your hand, and feature a BPA-free inner coating that exceeds FDA requirements for non-toxicity (a USA-made benefit) and independently tested for good measure. They’re non-porous, which means that should you use your bottle to transport your favorite craft beer (we can confirm) it won’t taste like old beer next time you fill it with water.

Choose between a “Sport” cap (pictured) with an internal straw, or a “Standard” twist-off design when you buy.

You can find almost 100 of Liberty’s best designs on Amazon, including the two bottles pictured above:

And a few of our other favorites – all with USA-themed designs: