Pocketknife Pick: Buck Knives Mini Spitfire

Made In: Post Falls, ID

Meet your new everyday pocket pal: the Buck Knives Mini Spitfire.

Fashionably slim, this 2014 design is half the width of a traditional Buck folder. Compared to its beefy country cousin the Folding Alpha Hunter, it’s a waif. Take the removable clip off and we’re talking slimmer than a pack of gum.

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It doesn’t just sit there looking good, though. Built with typical Buck sturdiness, the Mini Spitfire comes with a 420 HC steel blade to make short work of of apples, cheese, envelopes, dull pencils, bubble packaging and 101 other everyday “wish I had a knife” tasks.

(For faster cutting, there’s also a serrated version. These are harder to sharpen.)

Less than four inches closed, and only just heavier than a 9-volt battery thanks to its anodized aluminum handles, the Mini Spitfire comes in orange, green or grey: perfect for your fishing vest, pocket and briefcase respectively.

Stamped USA (made in Post Falls, ID) it’s also a steal at the current price.

Don’t steal mine, though. Buy your own here.