Rite in the Rain Notebooks: Defying Mother Nature since 1916

MADE IN: Tacoma, WA

If you’re a naturalist, paramedic, military professional, mountaineer, biologist, geologist or anyone else who’s ever needed to take notes in damp conditions, you probably know and love Rite in the Rain’s waterproof, weatherproof notebooks and journals.

If you don’t know them, you should check them out. Their writing products, originally created for the timber industry in rainy Washington State, are less famous than Field Notes or Moleskine notebooks, but they have a fiercely loyal following from professionals who need their notes protected from the elements.


Rite in the Rain was founded exactly 100 years ago in Tacoma, WA, when entrepreneur Jerry Darling developed a unique method for coating paper with a waterproof shield. Initially, Jerry and his wife Mary dipped every sheet of paper by hand, and supplied their notebooks to the logging industry. Today, the company employs 55 people, and the US military accounts for one-third of its business.

The company’s most popular products include the 3″ x 5″ spiral notebook (sold here in packs of three) and the tactical field book (5 x 7). More niche products include notebooks for bow-hunters, fly fishermen, and even big game hunters.

The notebooks come in a range of page patterns tailored for specific activities, so double-check before you buy. If you want plain lines for ordinary writing, “Journal Pattern” is the way to go.

All pencils work great on Rite in the Rain paper, but not all pens do, as the paper will repel water-based ink. If you’re unsure, Rite in the Rain also makes its own all-weather pen.