Take Your Best Shot: Trumark Folding Slingshot

Who’d want to be a kid these days? It’s all Snapchats, fidget spinners and the Internet. Can the Internet teach kids the wholesome joy of, say, mastering a slingshot, for example?

But hey: at least you can go online today and have this little monster, made by Trumark, delivered to your door in a couple of days.

Its old-school credentials are impeccable. Trumark is a small family-owned company who’ve been making these since the 1950s. Unlike just about every other slingshot maker, they still manufacture them in the USA. It’s especially remarkable given that the slingshot retails for just slightly more than a six-pack of craft beer.

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Whether you’re 14 or 40, you should have one of these. It feels restorative, you see, picking it up and folding the stabilizer down over your wrist. Suddenly, you feel a little younger, a little more dangerous. Bottles, cans and mailboxes had all best beware.

Your ammo, which can be purpose-bought steel bearings or pea gravel – let your budget decide – goes in the hollow handle marked Trumark, USA, Boulder, CO.

Can it do any damage? Loaded with a ¼ -inch bearing, it packs a punch. Eye protection is recommended, and always check what’s behind your target area.

Go on: treat yourself.